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How Do Airport Baggage Systems Work?

Airport baggage systems vary across the world according often to the size of the airport, capacity, location and regional investment, for example. Many baggage handling processes are typically automated and advancing technology is promising even more future opportunities to enhance efficiency and passenger experience.

Some of the most advanced airport baggage systems and solutions can be integrated with other airport systems and applications to deliver a holistic view of the operational environment. This can further help to strengthen management capability of baggage and other systems and ensure vital security and compliance requirements are met.

What is the baggage journey?

Airport baggage begins its journey at the point of passenger check-in and bag drop, whether this is done via a dedicated check-in counter or a self-service bag drop kiosk at the airport or other designated area.

The latest airport baggage systems communicate and share data with airport operational systems, teams and other industry stakeholders and partners. The protection of data and communications is another area that is increasing in importance for operators and airlines all over the world. 

Communicating and sharing data

When airport systems communicate with each other and share data and information securely, it becomes easier to simplify operational processes and reduce the reliance on resources. Airport baggage systems communicate with many other applications and require access by a range of departments and agencies to achieve compliance with regulations such as IATA R753 and other security mandates.

How A-ICE can help streamline airport baggage systems

A-ICE is experienced and knowledgeable about the real challenges faced by the aviation industry every day. With mandatory regulatory conditions constantly evolving and passenger expectations rising along with passenger numbers, airports need to know that they have the right solutions in place that can adapt and grow with them.

Our airport baggage system application, A-BRS, is a fully integrable solution designed to help meet regulatory demands and offer high levels of passenger security and experience. IATA R753-compliant A-BRS delivers complete baggage management and reconciliation with 100% accuracy and has a proven track record for increasing efficiency and reducing cost.

Talk to A-ICE today about our Baggage Reconciliation System. With no minimum contract and A-ICE’s commitment to ongoing development and research, we can provide a solution that can grow with your needs.


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