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A-ICE Airport Operations for Airlines

A-ICE delivers high value and cost-effective solutions for airlines through a combination of extensive industry experience and ongoing investment in research and development, we offer the most up to date software and IT solutions. Our consultative approach allows us to tailor each solution to each customer’s individual requirements. We offer airline operational solutions in your region, language and currency that comply with local and international regulation. Our head office in Italy is the hub of our technical expertise but we have offered consultation and installation across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Baggage Reconciliation System

The A-BRS Baggage Reconciliation System is a highly efficient baggage tracking and reconciliation system that tracks baggage location within the airport, at the gate, and on the plane, and match all loaded bags with passengers. Integrates with existing DCS systems and uses BagLink gateways to transmit IATA standard baggage messages.

Message Distribution System

A-MDS, a proven, in-place system, is an easy, secure, and flexible way to integrate applications with the A-ODB and airport sub-systems. It provides all communication protocol features and message-formatting functions needed for exchanging data. When installed acts as a special administrator that sends and receives Type B messages.


Airline operations at the airport

Airlines have an important role to play in efficient airport operations and it is essential to have systems in place that permit the most effective communication between all other parties, including ground handlers and airport operators. These communications include message distribution, communications between systems such as check in, baggage and boarding, and effective and IATA compliant management of passenger baggage throughout its journey. Whether you need a turnkey solution or a bespoke and highly customised system, A-ICE offer a range of solutions to simplify your airport-based operations, making them more cost effective and more efficient. Our solutions offer the maximum amount of automation, without sacrificing control or customisation.


More airport operations solutions by A-ICE for airlines

Airport Departure Control System

A-ICE Airport Departure Control System (A-DCS) is a system with comprehensive functionality covering all aspects of passenger, baggage and aircraft handling. The system, designed for Airport Authorities and Handling Companies, is suitable for all airlines and compatible with all aircraft types. A-ICE on-going development guarantees a state-of-the-art solution that will evolve as the industry recommend.

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Weight and Balance System

A-ICE Weight and Balance (A-WBS) is a system with comprehensive functionalities covering full load control and balance for passenger, mail and cargo flights. The A-ICE Weight and Balance is suitable for Airlines, Airport Authorities, Ground and Cargo Handling companies, and is compatible with all aircraft types. A-ICE’s continuous improvements guarantees a state-of-the-art solution that will grow with you as the industry evolves.

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Security Check Point

A-ICE Security Check Point (A-SCP) is designed to improve airport security by providing advanced tools for tracking passengers movements through security gates, analysing statistics, and reporting anomalies or alert situations. With the increasing of risks related to the air traffic and the inbound and outbound passenger flow, it is mandatory to adopt a solid real-time application to avoid dangers and prevent potential threats.

A-SCP Enquiries


A-CUBE Middleware Software

A-CUBE is a middleware to transport web applications from/to any customer infrastructure, monitor remote client environment, control remote client devices, read and write from/to remote devices. All of the above in a context totally transparent to the remote network configuration and fully controllable.

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Smart Booking System

Our Smart Booking System (A-SBS) is a booking system, originally born for flight reservation, but later extended to other domains (bus, trains, etc.). It is provided with an inventory manager, fares configuration, the administration user interface (back office), a dedicated interface to travel agencies, a booking website that can be easily integrated to the customers’ corporate websites, giving full flight reservation functionalities to end user passengers. It is also provided with many integration channels to OTAs and CRSs.

More about a-SBS



Why your airline should choose A-ICE solutions

“When you need IT simple”.  A-ICE provides value added IT solutions and integrated applications to Airport, Airlines and Ground Handlers, with a specific experience in the implementation and support of mission critical systems.

A-ICE offers a consultative approach, which allows us to tailor each solution to each customer’s individual requirements, after all every business has unique operation demands and challenges. All our solutions can be customised to integrate to your existing systems, and we pride ourselves in our ability and experience in creating solutions to solve even the most complex and demanding requirements.

In addition to our ability to create bespoke solutions, we can provide accelerated implementation with our standardised solutions. Our extensive development means that they are ready to be integrated to your existing airport systems, ready-made to address a wide range of challenges. If required, we can even source and install the relevant hardware meaning fewer suppliers to organise and coordinate.

A-ICE delivers high value and cost-effective solutions through research and development and relies on its strong relationship with the Air Transport community, addressing and anticipating the needs as they evolve. With over 25 years of experience in this field providing the most up to date software and IT solutions to satisfy customer requirements.


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