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Choose a baggage reconciliation system that contributes to a more efficient airport and enhances passenger experience

The yearly cost of baggage claims and departure delays can run well into the millions of euros. Careful planning can offset the cost of a baggage reconciliation system with savings realized in reducing the amount of misdirected bags. For airport operations managers the baggage security and tracking efficiency is key, and airlines needs to know where each bag is at all times, whom it belongs to, and whether loaded bags are matched with a boarded passenger.

A-ICE has developed an efficient, integrated baggage system designed to meet these objectives.


Baggage Management and Reconciliation Airport Displays with State-of-the-Art Technology

With A-BRS baggage handlers know exactly where each bag is located—down to the position within the container onboard the aircraft.

  • Bags can quickly be found and identified with 100% accuracy
  • Matches all bags with boarded passengers
  • Minimizes misdirected baggage and associated rerouting costs
  • Tracks every bag and container
  • Reduces passenger processing time
  • Automates tracking of passenger boarding and baggage loading
  • Reduces wasted gate time having to locate already-loaded bags


Complete automation and unrivalled integration possibilities

The A-BRS system automates baggage tracking and the reconciliation with full integration to other systems. Key features include:

  • Technologies to monitor the movement and loading of baggage, including:
    • the check-in area
    • loading of baggage in the main terminal buildings
    • loading in satellites areas
    • and optionally onto the aircraft
  • Integrates with the same bar coded system utilized by the Departure Control System (DCS)
  • Identifies bags and tracks their movement through the airport
  • Up to the minute information for a baggage to be loaded into a specific container or aircraft for a specific flight.  
  • Processes incoming IATA handling messages.
  • Delivers IATA reconciliation messages.
  • Employs wireless technologies for peripherals management for data acquisition (Hand-Scanner Terminals).
  • Integration with existing DCS for receiving baggage handling messages.


Why A-ICE is the first choice for your BRS system

Whether you need a turnkey solution or a bespoke and highly customised system, A-ICE offer a range of solutions to simplify your airport operations, making them more cost effective and more efficient. We are proud to offer:

  • 25 years of experience in this field
  • Easy to use solutions that reduce start-up time and costs: plug it and go live.
  • Analysis, design and development of software solutions for the aviation market
  • Design, deployment and maintenance of SAAS infrastructures
  • System integration
  • Deep knowledge of market processes and of airports and airlines standards
  • Airport operations efficiency consulting


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