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A-ICE News & Events

Get the latest company news from A-ICE and industry announcements, opinion pieces and analysis relating to all aspects of airport operations and the airport industry in general.

Why aviation’s future depends on more than a silver bullet?

The civil aviation business is unable to sustain itself economically if there is a requirement to eliminate the sharing of small spaces, either within the airport or the aircraft cabin itself. Our Chairman, Marco Labricciosa Gallese, shares his opinion on “social rapprochement” withi ...

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A Message to our Friends & Clients

Dear customers and friends, We don’t need to tell you that this is a difficult time – you are no doubt facing significant challenges within your organization as all of us get to grips with the impact of the coronavirus on our daily lives. Over the coming months, technology is c ...

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Is Your DCS Ready for Predicted Passenger Growth?

Across the global airports industry, passenger numbers are predicted to rise significantly. The typical expectations are that traffic will double over the next fifteen years and regulations and passenger expectations are inevitably going to grow too. Many airports around the world are already fe ...

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How Will You Invest in Airport Technology in 2020?

The latest technology and solutions are driving the future capacity needs of airports of all sizes around the world. Designed to improve both operational productivity and passenger experience, some of these solutions are set to help airports as they prepare for predicted increases in traffic int ...

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Major Investments Planned in India’s Airport Infrastructure

Earlier this year, ACI openly praised the announcement that India had plans for attracting investment from the private sector. Recently, during private discussions at the end of October, an additional 1000 routes and 100 airports have been proposed by the end of 2024.  Although this plan ...

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How A-DCS Streamlines Passenger, Baggage and Aircraft Handling

A-ICE developed its Airport Departure Control System – A-DCS – to deliver a secure and flexible handling solution for airports, airlines, authorities and ground handlers. The powerful solution can manage all types of flights and aircraft, offering a fully integrable way to simplify y ...

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Does Your Baggage Tracking Technology Meet IATA R753 Compliance?

With 18 months behind us since the deadline of IATA Resolution 753 (R753) compliance back in June 2018, many member airlines still remain non-compliant with many of the guidelines for baggage tracking. Is your technology compliant? Although IATA aren’t yet imposing penalties for non-com ...

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How SESAR is Supporting Digital Transformation in European Airports

The airports of Europe are facing big challenges in terms of sustainability, accelerating traffic and rising passenger expectations of a seamless, secure airport experience that is also both time and cost-efficient. The SESAR Joint Undertaking, an initiative launched by the European Commission, ...

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Success for A-ICE Ground Handling Solutions at the 21st GHI Conference

The 21st Annual GHI Conference was a success for A-ICE earlier this month, where we showcased our suite of Ground Handling Solutions. We gained some promising new leads and made the most of the fantastic networking opportunities the event offers airlines, ground handlers and service providers fr ...

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A-HDB - Helping Ground Handlers Achieve Comprehensive Operational Visibility

It is no secret in the aviation industry that global air traffic is accelerating at an estimated average annual growth rate of 5%, doubling every 15 years. This could result in around 40,000 aircraft using the airspace by 2035, twice the number it is today.  It is also common knowledge t ...

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Two Weeks to Go Until the GHI Conference – We’ll be there, will you?

A-ICE is putting the final touches to our showcase at the 21st Ground Handling International (GHI) Conference held in Amsterdam on 4th – 7th November – just two weeks away. We’re getting ready for some of the best networking opportunities in Amsterdam this year and meeting both ...

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Keeping Airport Messaging Smart and Secure – are we there yet?

Automation and connectivity in airports have benefits for both infrastructure and passengers. With technology enabling access to more information at much higher speeds, data sharing is offering airport operators a better view of the entire environment.  However, as the technology advance ...

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Passenger Growth Challenges Met by Integrable Tech

Airport expansion for today’s growing passenger numbers needs more than just more room in the terminal and passenger areas. Recently discussed in an article by the International Airport Review was the use of multiple data sources and tech to help manage prioritized areas in order to increa ...

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Putting Passenger Experience First Brings Major Growth for Finavia

Finland’s economic growth over the past few years has also reflected in the number of flight passengers being handled at the country’s airports, which is currently growing at an average of 10% every year. Last year, Finavia’s new CEO immediately started looking ahead to main ...

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How A-FIDS Improves the Queuing Experience for Your Flight Passengers

With passenger expectations high at airports of all sizes all over the world, operators are under pressure to make sure queues stay as short as possible and passengers are processed quickly. Queues at airports are inevitable however and are often frustrated places fully of boredom and anxiety.&n ...

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Report Insights Predict Airport Ground Handling Market Take Off

The airport ground handling market is set to take off to new heights, increasing from last years’ figure of $130 billion to $190 billion (USD) by 2025, according to the Global Market Insights report released at the start of the year. Airport ground handling teams all over the world face ...

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A-DCS Enables IATCI with Resiber to Manage IBERIA Flights

A-ICE is delighted to announce that passengers travelling with IBERIA and IBERIA Express from airports with the integrable, cloud-based A-DCS in operation, will be able to check-in not only for first leg departing flights, but also for onward connecting, interlining flights too. The InterAirl ...

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International Airport Review of Future Airport Investment: Where will your airport invest?

Ahead of the International Airport Review’s (IAR) Airport IT and Security Conference, scheduled for 25-26 September in London, IAR gathered opinions from 80 international airports to determine key challenges and see which of the latest IT solutions and technologies are currently being inve ...

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Preparing Ground Handling Ops Now for the Challenges of Winter

The busiest airports around the world face ground handling challenges every day, so when winter approaches and delivers a completely new set of challenges, teams need to be ready to handle whatever the weather throws at them, on top of everything else. Airport operations must keep on running, an ...

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How Cloud Software Solutions Contribute to Sustainability in Global Airports

The drive for sustainability in the world’s airports is higher on the priority list than ever before as the aviation industry continues to grow every year. Reducing environmental impact across the industry has been a serious undertaking in recent years, and now experts are urging airport o ...

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ACI Asia-Pacific Release Green Airports Recognition Awards Results for 2019

ACI Asia-Pacific established the Green Airports Recognition programme with the support of the ACI Asia-Pacific Regional Environmental Committee to publicly recognize the member airports that have made a contribution to help minimize the impact of the aviation industry on the environment. The ...

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IATA: Greater Cooperation Needed Between Government and Aviation Industry

According to the IATA Director General and CEO, Mr Alexandre de Juniac, the aviation industry needs a greater collaborative relationship with Government, Congress and the Administration if it is to handle the expected increases in passenger traffic over the next 25 years. Speaking to the Inte ...

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How FIDS Can Help Airports Handle Increasing Passenger Traffic

Flight passenger traffic is increasing every year, alongside the demand for enhanced passenger experience and rising mandatory regulations. These are challenges that airport and airline operators face every day, in addition to constraints in capacity and budget Some industry experts say that ...

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Flight Passenger Traffic Rises in Europe But Capacity and Brexit Still Concerns ACI

Last month ACI Europe released its annual flight traffic report for 2018, highlighting continuing, if not slowed growth compared to the previous year. Europe’s passenger numbers grew by 6.1% in 2018 to 2.34 billion, up more than 137 million, but slowed from the 8.5% growth rate of 2017.&nb ...

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A-ICE to Make PTE 2019 Debut with Innovative Solutions for Unlocking Operational Efficiency

A-ICE will be making its debut at the 25th Passenger Terminal EXPO 2019 (PTE) later this month, showcasing its latest innovations in aviation software technology to streamline and unlock vital operational efficiency for airports, airlines and ground handling teams. The Rome-based aviation IT ...

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Worldwide Airport Infrastructure Needs Investment to Handle Rising Demand According to ACI

Earlier this year, the ACI told the aviation industry that the only way to handle rising demand in flight passenger traffic was by making investments into airport infrastructure. With passenger traffic on the up across the globe, expected to reach more than 20 billion by 2039, and on top of that ...

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How Automated Baggage Handling with A-BRS can Strengthen Passenger Experience and Increase Revenue

As annual global flight passenger numbers increase consistently year-on-year, airports face rising challenges and pressure to reduce waiting times, speed up passenger processing and maintain compliance at every level. With passenger experience still high on the priorities list for airports, inve ...

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How the Aviation Industry Can Achieve the Acceptable Level of Safety (ALOS)

Today’s aviation industry receives ever-closer scrutiny and is subject to increasing regulatory conditions and safety guidelines. With rising annual passenger numbers already reaching billions globally, and simultaneously-increasing levels of cyber and physical threats, achieving the indus ...

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Focus on A-BRS - Baggage Reconciliation, Management and Compliance in Global Airports

Passenger traffic through the world’s airports is increasing at an average rate of 5% year-on-year. As airports and airlines grow busier and face additional challenges with increasing mandatory requirements and passenger expectation, today’s best solutions are those which automate, simpl ...

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NATO TIDE Sprint Event Sees A-ICE Bring Logistics Innovation

This year’s NATO Industry Forum Workshop (Fall 2018 edition), held in Virginia Beach, VA., saw more than 250 engineers, operators, scientists and academics from 24 nations join together to focus on improving interoperability between NATO’s processes, people and technology – and A-I ...

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Passenger Traffic Growth: How airports can meet rising demand

The annual world airport traffic forecast predicts that flight passenger traffic growth will continue to rise at a consistent, average rate of 4.5% year-on-year. Industry figures suggest that this could mean annual passenger numbers reach 10.9 billion international travellers and 11.3 billion domest ...

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A-ICE are now seeking Java Developer and .Net Developer

A-ICE are expanding our current software development team!  We are a young and dynamic software company, operating in the challenging and exciting market of aviation. With passenger numbers increasing year-on-year and industry bodies expecting this to continue at a rate of 4.5 ...

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A-ICE at the Annual Ground Handling International Conference (GHI) 2018

This year, the 20th Annual Ground Handling International (GHI) Conference will be held at Gothia Towers, Gothenburg from 26th-29th November, and will offer attendees a fantastic opportunity to network with over 750 aviation industry decision-makers from around the world. A-ICE will be there, join ...

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Arkia Airlines chooses A-ICE DCS and WB

A-ICE’s Departure Control System A-DCS and Weight and Balance A-WBS selected by Arkia Airlines. Arkia Airlines is the leader charter carrier in Israel, and the second carrier in terms of scheduled flights. It has an aggressive plan on the market, with orders for two A321 NEO LR aircraft a ...

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Bolzano is live

Bolzano is the first “airport in a box”, completely provided by A-ICE From flight scheduling to operations management, ground handling operations, turnaround management, baggage tracking, flight information display, check-in, boarding, flight control, security check point, resource ...

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A-ICE unveils CLOS at NATO TIDE Sprint

Genoa 9-13 April 2018 At the NATO TIDE Sprint Event held in Genoa on April 9-13, 2018, A-ICE brought a message of technological innovation to the “deployment” component of Military Logistics, presenting CLOS, a challenging project developed with the Italian Air Force and delivering ...

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