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Contract & Billing

The accurate recording and billing of aeronautical fees is a complex task for airports. It includes multiple steps, which all have to be executed with utmost precision in order to make sure the airport operator is paid properly for the supply of all services and infrastructure to airlines.

Recording and billing of aeronautical fees must be executed with utmost precision. The first step in this process is that a public tariff has to be defined. This not only includes standard fees and charges, but also price influencing factors like, for example, time of operations (e.g. surcharges for night operations or bank holidays), MTOW or aircraft types and many more. Often special contracts with airlines have to be negotiated.

In a next step, the actual charges for actual aeronautical operations have to be calculated. Here, additional charges might accrue for a flight, which also have to be recorded and taken into account. Finally, the invoices must be generated and sent to airline customers.


A-CAB – Contract And Billing Management by A-ICE

A-CAB is a complete package, from airport fees and charges up to the invoicing. A-CAB offers a streamlined, integrated solution featuring powerful tools for all necessary steps. Starting with a comprehensive WEB module for the management of freely definable airport fees and charges, detailed published tariffs can be created. This also includes the definition of any price-influencing parameters. Based on this, a contract management WEB module allows the design of contracts of many levels of detail. General price lists, airline-specific agreements or even flight-specific contracts can be prepared, including any desired price adaptations. All contracts are stored electronically and can be printed out ready-to-sign on customizable templates.

In co-operation with the A-ODB actual flight data is used to automatically determine the appropriate contract for each individual flight. The combination of flight and contractual fees is made available in a recording module. Here all charges can be checked and edited if necessary, and additional fees resulting from extra services can be recorded.

Key Features


Revenue Accounting and Invoice Generation

Once all required data has been recorded, the price calculation can be performed with a single mouse-click. Here one of the great advantages of A-CAB comes into play: all applicable price-influencing factors resulting from both contract and actual flight data are taken into account automatically. After the calculation, the invoicing can be done for both cash paying and credit customers.

Invoices can be created for freely definable periods of time, specific customers or fees etc. Billing documents can either be printed out or sent to your customers electronically.


Functional Specification

Airport Contract and Billing Management

Airport Contract and Billing Management


Additional Airport Operations Solutions

Our airport operations systems include Flight Information Display Systems, Contract and Billing software, Baggage Reconciliation Systems, Message Distribution Systems, Multimedia Information System, Airport Operational Database, and middleware for the transportation of web applications on remote networks. All our systems can be integrated with each other or your existing systems and and hardware.



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