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Does Your Baggage Tracking Technology Meet IATA R753 Compliance?

Does Your Baggage Tracking Technology Meet IATA R753 Compliance?

With 18 months behind us since the deadline of IATA Resolution 753 (R753) compliance back in June 2018, many member airlines still remain non-compliant with many of the guidelines for baggage tracking. Is your technology compliant?

Although IATA aren’t yet imposing penalties for non-compliance, there are many benefits to achieving seamless baggage tracking that can streamline ground handling processes and simultaneously improve passenger experience. 

Why was IATA R753 introduced?

Airlines requested some form of improvement to baggage tracking more than five years ago in 2013. This is because lost or misdirected luggage and reconciliation costs have been around $2.4 billion every year in the aviation industry. 

The average cost of returning a single piece of luggage to the passenger is $100. It is expected that at some point airlines failing to meet R753 compliance, which requires seamless baggage tracking at multiple points in the baggage journey, will face meeting this cost.

How difficult is R753 compliance?

R753 guidelines are specific. Airlines must be able to seamlessly track baggage at each change of custody and must not be loaded onto an aircraft before being matched to a boarded passenger. 

This includes tracking at key points:

  • Acceptance of baggage at check-in
  • Handover to the baggage handling system
  • Loading onto the aircraft
  • Handover to the passenger at the destination point

Interlining transfers must also be accurately recorded and tracked, and the information made available to other airlines or stakeholders securely yet in a timely fashion to avoid loss or misdirection. It is during multi-leg journey transfers that the highest instance of lost luggage occurs.

How A-ICE can help with baggage tracking compliance? 

Through experience, in-depth knowledge and industry research and investment, A-ICE develop comprehensive solutions to real industry challenges. A-BRS, our smart baggage reconciliation system, offers a highly customizable solution to seamlessly track baggage and achieve compliance through automation.

A-BRS is suitable for airports of any size and capacity and offers a wide range of benefits:

  • Compatible with all aircraft types
  • Customizable tracking points
  • Customizable loading strategy
  • Integrable with Departure Control Systems
  • Passenger and baggage matching
  • Compatible with a range of wireless devices
  • Records exact positioning within the aircraft
  • No minimum contracts
  • Minimized training

Working with A-ICE offers airlines unique flexibility, unmatched by other service providers. Our solutions can be fully integrated with your current infrastructure and solutions to deliver a streamlined, simplified approach to compliance. 

Get in touch with A-ICE today using the form below and let us help you improve your baggage tracking technology.

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