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Keeping Airport Messaging Smart and Secure – are we there yet?

Keeping Airport Messaging Smart and Secure – are we there yet?

Automation and connectivity in airports have benefits for both infrastructure and passengers. With technology enabling access to more information at much higher speeds, data sharing is offering airport operators a better view of the entire environment. 

However, as the technology advances, so too do the vulnerabilities and EASA estimates that aviation systems receive an ‘average of 1,000 cyber-attacks per month.’ How do airports combine smart messaging and processes with seamless security? 

Evolving cybersecurity risks for airports

Cybersecurity within a connected airport environment is a constant, evolving process. Attacks pose a threat to a country’s national security yet can be relatively inexpensive to carry out by even small terror groups. Secure airport messaging is a core requirement and a top priority for mandatory compliance and to enable smooth operations. 

There are clear benefits for smart, connected airports with passenger numbers rising and regulations becoming tighter and more widespread. As airport systems communicate more widely, using Machine Learning, AI and other advancing technologies can allow airports to gain a flexible, adaptable and scalable system that can provide the security they also need.
Airports can look to the integration of key technology and the right solutions that combine to achieve both the operational flexibility they need and meet the regulatory requirements they must in a secure, comprehensive solution.

Can A-ICE help you?

A-ICE works with airports of all sizes to develop tailored solutions to meet unique requirements. We understand the pressures faced by operators all over the world and through industry experience and close consultation, we can create a system that is fully interoperable with existing hardware. 

Creating a streamlined, secure and connected platform for airport operations offers an opportunity to enhance operational productivity at all levels and improve passenger experience. Through automation, check-in and baggage handling becomes more efficient and seamlessly compliant, using the latest technology advancements can deliver a biometric security system that enables an uninterrupted journey through the airport for passengers and ground handling teams gain full visibility from the apron. These are just a few benefits airports of all sizes can realise through smart, secure solutions from A-ICE.

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