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Passenger Growth Challenges Met by Integrable Tech

Passenger Growth Challenges Met by Integrable Tech

Airport expansion for today’s growing passenger numbers needs more than just more room in the terminal and passenger areas. Recently discussed in an article by the International Airport Review was the use of multiple data sources and tech to help manage prioritized areas in order to increase passenger satisfaction and streamline operational management. The article suggests that there isn’t one solution to encompass all the measurable requirements.

There are many different types of technology, software and systems to manage airport operations. How are airports to approach the implementation of the right solutions and how do they prioritize? When scalability is needed too, in addition to flexibility and adaptability in the face of rising regulatory changes and compliance requirements, where do you start

Streamlining through integrable tech solutions

A-ICE believes that a streamlined airport operational environment can be achieved through integration of core solutions. Through industry experience and a deep understanding of key systems, we know that when airport systems communicate and share information, operators can gain a clear view of every aspect of operations. 

Whether the airport’s goal is to address waiting times and queue management, key information delivery, seamlessly track passenger baggage to meet compliance, streamline security or more accurately manage contracts and billing, a tailored suite of integrable tech solutions can provide the answer. 

Talking systems result in satisfied passengers

When airport systems are ‘talking’ they’re increasing efficiency at every level, which in turn impacts passenger satisfaction positively. For example, today’s connectivity opportunities can make delivering key information fast and exactly where it is needed for any airport information display. Passengers that are well-informed are less bored when expected to wait and this seemingly small change can make a big difference to their journey. 

The latest automated systems can make check-in faster, with the passenger in control of their journey. When this is combined with new levels of security tech and systems integration, passengers find a seamless experience in the Departures terminal. The possibilities and opportunities are vast when the airport environment has a holistic approach to infrastructure planning.

Can we help?

A-ICE helps airports of all sizes with infrastructure planning and fully assess the interdependence of your systems so that you can realise the potential of integration. Talk to us about integrable tech solutions for your airport and create a scalable environment to meet the challenges of passenger growth.

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