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How to Improve Airport Operations

Airport operations encompass a wide range of activities and processes across every area of the operational environment. This includes all terminal processes, such as check-in, bag drop and security, and also activities within the ground handling, aircraft handling, baggage handling, car parking, retail areas, communications, maintenance and many more.

With so many layers of airport operations, each with its own set of challenges and compliance requirements, management teams need an increasingly comprehensive view across the entire operational environment to improve efficiency, resource management, visibility and productivity, while ensuring security and compliance.

With flight traffic on the increase across the world and the associated challenges growing alongside, airport operations need to be scalable and flexible enough to cope with rising numbers while remaining seamlessly secure and robust.

How integration can facilitate efficiency

The most modern, streamlined airports are turning to automation to simplify historically time-consuming airport processes. Technologies such as self-service kiosks are enabling greater control for the passenger and enhancing the experience, while simultaneously reducing the need for dedicated check-in counters and lengthy queues. It is integration with the baggage handling system, handling database, airline DCS and other systems that enables these technologies and paves the way for further cost and resource savings.

When the airport operations systems are working in tandem, sharing data and information securely, a comprehensive environment can be created from which to effectively manage airport operations. This also allows operators to strengthen reporting processes and recognise trends within the airport traffic flow. This can facilitate better resource management and minimise potential delays with a more proactive response.

How can A-ICE help improve your airport operations?

A-ICE’s suite of solutions have been developed to offer airports of all sizes a comprehensive, fully integrated platform from which to manage every aspect of airport operations. Whether you’re searching for a solution to a single issue, such as airport waiting times or baggage tracking compliance or whether you need a full implementation of an integrate suite of airport operations tools, we can help.

A-ICE solutions are robust and flexible enough to seamlessly integrate into your existing infrastructure as stand-alone applications. When integrated with powerful contract and billing solutions and secure messaging and communications too, A-ICE solutions deliver the automation of all necessary steps at a high level to streamline your airport operations and ensure bottom line costs can be met.

Talk to us, we’re different from other providers. With no minimum contracts and no obligation consultations, let us help you to find the right solutions to streamline every area of your airport operations.


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