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Airport IT

High value, cost-effective IT solutions for airports

Whether you need a turnkey solution or a uniquely customized operational platform from which to centralize your airport IT operations, A-ICE delivers both high value and cost-effectivity with the most up-to-date solutions in the industry.

Today’s modern airport environment relies on robust, reliable IT in every area of operation. As technology advances, infrastructure must be flexible enough to adapt to new systems and processes, including the support of integral automation and secure data flow, particularly as multi-location or remote access is increasingly needed from a wide range of devices.

Integrating airport IT solutions for operational agility

The key to getting the most from your airport IT solutions lies in systems integration, whether operators are tackling a single, specific issue or looking for a way to handle potential increases in passenger numbers.

When airport systems are communicating and sharing data and information, with a comprehensive management platform delivering an overview of the operational landscape, the entire IT system can be streamlined, accelerating efficiency and increasing operational agility across the board:

A-ICE airport IT solutions are fully integrable, powerful applications that can offer operators, airlines, ground handling teams and agencies complete visibility, strengthening CDM and reinforcing security simultaneously. Let us help you assess the interdependency of your current systems so that you can realise the full potential of systems integration.

IT solutions on the ground in your airport

Our core solutions, when fully integrated, can make ground handling processes more streamlined than ever before. With additional pressure on ground teams to ensure compliance on local, national and international levels, A-ICE knows that automation of core processes is the answer.

Integrable airport IT solutions can help ground handlers improve:

The airports of today are facing growing pressure and increasing challenges in terms of burgeoning passenger numbers, compliance, security and much more. A-ICE understands these pressures and deliver airport IT solutions to provide the answers for any airport, regardless of size.

Talk to A-ICE about our integrable airport IT solutions and begin strengthening your operational environment. We’re different from other providers and offer airport operators around the world a comprehensive suite of innovative products with no minimum contract. Get your airport IT ready to handle the future of airport operations.


Related Solutions

Flight Information Display System

A-FIDS is a scalable, state-of-the-art system including multi-lingual display technology. It is designed to display timetables, gate or baggage belt information. A-FIDS ensures that all relevant information is displayed at the right time, in the right place. Connected with the Central Database (A-ODB), the system is designed to operate with minimal manual entry.

Contract & Billing

The accurate recording and billing of aeronautical fees is a complex task for airports, with multiple steps to be executed with utmost precision to ensure the supply of all services and infrastructure to airlines. This revolutionary solution automates and integrates, handling the complexities of nonstandard or variable pricing with ease.

Baggage Reconciliation System

The A-BRS Baggage Reconciliation System is a highly efficient baggage tracking and reconciliation system that tracks baggage location within the airport, at the gate, and on the plane, and match all loaded bags with passengers. Integrates with existing DCS systems and uses BagLink gateways to transmit IATA standard baggage messages.

Message Distribution System

A-MDS, a proven, in-place system, is an easy, secure, and flexible way to integrate applications with the A-ODB and airport sub-systems. It provides all communication protocol features and message-formatting functions needed for exchanging data. When installed acts as a special administrator that sends and receives Type B messages.

Departure Control System

A-DCS is a powerful, proven system handling and connecting multiple systems including baggage, weight and balance, messaging, passenger boarding, check in operations, flight arrivals and cargo. Compatible with ARINC and SITA, this state-of-the-art system incorporates APIS, IATA messages, e-tickets and TypeB messages.

Airport Handling Database

A comprehensive solution, gathering data from flights and services, to give Ground Handlers complete visibility of operations throughout the ground process cycle.

Multi CUTE Client

A-ICE CUBE is a unique aviation solution, which transparently transports web applications from/to any customer infrastructure, monitors remote workstation environment, controls remote workstation devices, reads and writes from/to remote devices.

Weight & Balance System

A-ICE Weight and Balance is a system with comprehensive functionalities covering full load control and balance for passenger, mail and cargo flights. A-ICE's continuous improvements guarantees a state-of-the-art solution that will grow with you as the industry evolves.

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