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Passenger Traffic Growth: How airports can meet rising demand

The annual world airport traffic forecast predicts that flight passenger traffic growth will continue to rise at a consistent, average rate of 4.5% year-on-year. Industry figures suggest that this could mean annual passenger numbers reach 10.9 billion international travellers and 11.3 billion domestic passengers by 2040.

It has also been revealed that there are regional differences from emerging economies, which could impact figures by as much as 61.6% over the next 20 years. The Asia-Pacific region is showing the fastest growth, which is expected to increase over 38.8% in the period 2016-2040.

With passenger growth increasing so significantly, and mandatory requirements for data transfer and security also placing greater pressure on the operational environment, what can airports do to meet this rising demand?

Airport solutions to meet rising passenger traffic

When airport systems and processes are integrated and speaking to one another, greater efficiency and an opportunity for cost-savings can be achieved.

Solutions with comprehensive functionality, and options for CUTE operation can be a powerful way to standardise operational management, offering airport operators the benefit of cost-sharing and improved customer service. With passenger experience high on the priority list for operators and airlines, A-ICE understands that fast and efficient systems for check-in and security, baggage handling and loading are critical in the modern airport environment.

How A-ICE can help

The latest airport solutions from A-ICE offer operational flexibility and seamless compliance in terms of data security and baggage tracking, passenger screening and flight communications, and much more.

About A-ICE

A-ICE Departure Control System (A-DCS)

The A-DCS has been developed to give a comprehensive approach to functionality for airlines, airport authorities and ground handling teams. A powerful solution, A-DCS has also been developed to evolve as the industry changes, offering a go-to solution that can be relied upon to stay up-to-date.

With benefits such as fast and efficient passenger check-in, extensive options for configuration, an integrated reservation module, and fast Weight and Balance tools, the multi-use, multi-airline and multi-aircraft solution can offer airports a powerful solution.

More about A-DCS

Baggage reconciliation with A-BRS

A-BRS can deliver a solution to the new mandatory requirements for baggage tracking under IATA’s Resolution 753. A-BRS can keep track of every movement of every piece of luggage and container within the system seamlessly, sending baggage messages in standard IATA format.

With system features including automated baggage tracking and reconciliation, in addition to integration benefits with A-DCS and a real-time information option, A-BRS can offer a seamless, automated approach to baggage handling to cope with additional passenger traffic demand, while operating within budgeting constraints.

More about A-BRS

Fully-configurable, seamless contracts and billing with A-CAB

It is critical that airports of all sizes accurately record contract and billing data, to ensure that all financial bases are covered. This can often be a complex task for airports, with a wide range of products, services and other offerings from services, through supply chain, aeronautical fees and tariffs and infrastructure.

A-CAB delivers a powerful, streamlined platform from which to manage all the necessary steps involved in the management of contracts and billing, including a comprehensive WEB module for the definition of price-influencing parameters and the design of specific contracts.

Working in conjunction with other A-ICE solutions, A-CAB can be configured to automate data integration from both contract and actual flight, to produce accurate billing and invoicing data.

More about A-CAB

Compliant message distribution with A-MDS

Messaging in the typical airport environment is complex and often disparate, using several messaging formats over wide and varying secure protocols.

A-MDS is fully integratable with our other airport systems and delivers immediate message traffic routing between A-ODB, airport sub-systems and third-party aviation departments. A flexible option, A-MDS offers greater flexibility and can mean that integrating dedicated communications protocols is reduced, as the system can export and accept messaging in any type of format, from any type of messaging source.

More about A-MDS

With passenger numbers increasing year-on-year, and industry bodies expecting this to continue at a rate of 4.5% on average, airport operators know that systems and processes need to be on point if they are to handle travellers and baggage efficiently. The challenges faced every day by operators will also continue to increase, and in airports of all sizes around the world, the pressure will be felt.

Many industry professionals understand that integration of systems and processes, secure messaging and comprehensive airport data management is the only way forward if ground delays and expensive breaches of compliance are to be avoided.

Contact A-ICE today to plan ahead for passenger traffic increases, and look forward to seamless airport operational productivity, security and compliance.

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