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Report Insights Predict Airport Ground Handling Market Take Off

Report Insights Predict Airport Ground Handling Market Take Off

The airport ground handling market is set to take off to new heights, increasing from last years’ figure of $130 billion to $190 billion (USD) by 2025, according to the Global Market Insights report released at the start of the year.

Airport ground handling teams all over the world face different types of challenges in some regions, such as weather conditions, local compliance requirements and passenger expectations. As airports begin to adopt emerging technologies - smarter solutions in processes and renewable energy systems - passengers will be happier, greater efficiencies can be realised and carbon footprints reduced. These are all elements that will contribute to growth throughout the sector, according to the report.

Achieving efficiency in ground handling with smart technology

The resource-reliant traditional ground handling processes can be streamlined with the implementation of the latest renewables and technologies. This is already happening in airports of all sizes. Some airports in regions with typically heavy snow have increased efficiency and realised time and cost savings with the adoption of biogas snow-movers, significantly reducing fuel dependency and lowering the carbon footprint.  

The aviation industry is no stranger to mandatory compliance, and the ground handling sector faces the complexities of meeting regulatory conditions every day. The implementation of advanced software solutions can not only firmly tick the compliance box through automation but also enable operational agility, flexibility and increased efficiency. The benefits in terms of both cost and operations gained from the implementation of these solutions is driving uptake and contributing significantly to sector growth according to the insights.

Harness the opportunities for growth with A-ICE ground handling solutions 

A-ICE’s suite of integrable ground handling solutions deliver a comprehensive approach to the individual needs of the team with multi-lingual capabilities and regionally compliant functionality. With growth predicted across the entire aviation industry, it makes sense to tackle both the current and future needs of the airport simultaneously in a single, scalable solution.

Combining powerful airport ground handling solutions into an integrable suite increases efficiency from baggage handling and reconciliation, through messaging protocols and exchange formatting to contracts and billing management, A-ICE can help. Visit the ground handling solutions page to find out more or talk to us about how your ground handling operations can harness the emerging opportunities for sector growth.

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