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International Airport Review of Future Airport Investment: Where will your airport invest?

International Airport Review of Future Airport Investment

Ahead of the International Airport Review’s (IAR) Airport IT and Security Conference, scheduled for 25-26 September in London, IAR gathered opinions from 80 international airports to determine key challenges and see which of the latest IT solutions and technologies are currently being investigated for future investment.

The published results revealed some interesting insights. Some of the areas that were of particular interest to many of the respondents were industry trends in automation, data processing and management, continuing strengthening of passenger processing systems and investment in infrastructure.

With responses from every corner of the globe, IAR say it has ‘serious food for thought’ and look forward to continuing the discussions in London. Let’s have a closer look at some of the most interesting industry trends, and how A-ICE airport solutions already help global airports meet some of the biggest challenges.

Airports Systems Automation

Automation is one of the key drivers for the future of airports as they strive for a seamless passenger experience. With digital transformation a current hot topic in many industries, it isn’t a surprise to see it high on the priority list in the IAR survey. 

A-ICE solutions help to fully automate everyday airport processes, from the front of the airport, in passenger processing systems, to ‘behind-the-scenes’ baggage reconciliation and ground handling functionality at the kerbside. A-BRS, A-ICE’s baggage reconciliation system has delivered a solution to streamline baggage handling and meet vital tracking compliance requirements, ticking several important boxes for airports. 

For ground handlers, A-HDB is the perfect solution for managing flight ground operations throughout the ground time cycle. A fully-integrable, comprehensive solution, the A-ICE Handling Database (A-HDB) offers complete visibility and makes the aircraft turnaround process much more efficient.

When airport systems become integrated and automated, a unique flexibility can be achieved, leading to better resource management, greater operational productivity and minimised ground delays.

Streamlined Passenger Processing

Shorter queues, minimised delays and enhanced security are ideal scenarios for airports looking to streamline the passenger processing system, according to the report findings. Reputation management is key, and delivering a seamless passenger experience a core value for today’s global airports.

A-ICE’s Departure Control System (A-DCS) is a system that promises comprehensive functionality for passenger, baggage and aircraft handling. Designed primarily for airport authorities and handling teams, A-DCS is a fully-integrable, constantly evolving solution that is compatible with all airlines and aircraft types. 

When systems communicate through integration, a comprehensive view of operations can be achieved and managed much more effectively. A-BRS can also contribute significantly to passenger processing, with automated baggage handling and seamless tracking capabilities that take the pressure off meeting compliance requirements and greatly reduce instances of lost luggage – an issue that costs the industry millions of Euros every year and impacts passenger experience significantly.

Meeting airport security and IT challenges head on

One of the areas that was cited as high on the IT challenges list for global airports is a lack of infrastructure development. Common security concerns highlighted during the report are the challenges of protecting against cyber attack and drone incursions, and the introduction of smart security screening.

Addressing IT and security challenges are hot topics for airports, and this is where investment in new technologies can offer operational agility. Annual IT spending is traditionally expensive, and A-ICE works tirelessly to help airports achieve their goals without blowing the budget.

Smaller airports can benefit enormously from A-ICE solutions. Our Airport-in-a-Box solution is a fully integrable suite of airport solutions that can offer a highly effective, cloud-based operational platform to give small-to-medium-sized airports the operational agility they need at every level. As airport infrastructure moves from an in-house dedicated IT department to the cloud, resource management becomes easier and complete visibility is achieved, streamlining all aspects of airport operations.

Where will your airport be investing this year? Talk to A-ICE about achieving improved operational productivity through automation and integration and meet your operational challenges head-on, while ticking the compliance boxes firmly.

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